Oxford English Dictionary

Some interesting definitions.

Native, One born in bondage; a born thrall One born in a place; one connected with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not. – Legally, a person is a native of the place or country where the parents have their domicile, which may or may not be the place of actual birth.

Native-born, Having a certain position or status by birth. Belonging to a particular place or country by birth; sometimes spec. applied to persons of immigrant race born in a colony. (emphasis in the original)

Natural-born, Having a specified position or character by birth; used esp. with subject (emphasis in the original)

Naturalize, To admit (an alien) to the position and rights of citizenship; to invest with the privileges of a native-born subject.

Nation, An extensive aggregate of persons, so closely associated with each other by common descent, language, or history, as to form a distinct race or people